Hello and welcome to Creative Pantry!  My name is Angela Reynolds, and hope you find inspiration and perhaps learn something new while you are here.  I have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and believe the best part of creating a great recipe, work of art, or simple luxury is sharing them with others.  Food brings people together, and arts and crafts enrich our lives. Here you’ll find my favorite recipes including unique spice blends, sauces, dressings and marinades.  When you have a variety of staples, spices, and sauces in your pantry and fridge, even an ordinary dish can be transformed into something delightful.  


What could you do with a little creativity and a well stocked pantry?


About Us

My husband and I love to host friends and family at our place.  Our gatherings are casual affairs and always include great food and beverages.  You will not go home hungry or thirsty!  The first recipes I created that are truly my own were for our gatherings:  hot wing sauces, dip mixes, salsas, and a variety of appetizers.  

I’m best known for my hot wing sauces, and even opened a food truck, Momma’s Grub, featuring them.  Imagine the flavor of hot wings in a taco format:  Sweet and Spicy Habanero chicken with coleslaw, Caribbean Jerk chicken with mango salsa, and Spicy Garlic chicken with cucumber pico de gallo all served up on warm corn tortillas.  The food truck was a lot of fun and hard work, and I’ve since retired.

The idea to create tacos based on hot wings happened during a little competition when we were in Amarillo, Texas and had to create a Ball Park Special.

In 2012 we had the opportunity to compete on  Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Season III as Momma’s Grizzly Grub.  

I will be forever grateful to my daughter, Adriane, and best friend, Tiffany, for joining me on this epic adventure.  I could not have done it without them!

When not in the kitchen, you’ll frequently find me hanging out on the patio with a good book or paint project, on the golf course, or traipsing across the country in our RV.  We retired earlier this year and took ourselves on a two month road trip spanning 14,000 miles, sixteen US states including Alaska, and six Canadian provinces.  Check out more about our journey and RV life here.  

One of the things about RV life is the kitchen is tiny!  Something that helped tremendously and kept us from eating out too much was having several pre-made meals in the freezer, and occasional meal prep to stock the fridge for the next few days of travel.  Meal prep has been a part of my routine for many years.  A little planning and some dedicated time to do preparation ahead of time, can save so much frustration when life gets busy.  Learn more here.