RV Life

We have always had some type of RV and vacations frequently were centered around camping along a river or beach with friends. Now that we are retired, part of our plans include seeing as much of the country as possible. We travel with Ollie, our spoiled poodle mix. If you have a doodle, you know. Our first retirement road trip spanned 14,000 miles, 16 US states including Alaska, and 6 Canadian provinces. Posts here include highlights of our trips, places we visited and things we’ve learned along the way.

A rare day when Denali was in full view

When living in your RV, storage space is a premium. And in the tiny RV kitchen, space in the fridge, freezer and pantry are limited, as is prep space. Recipes included here minimize the number of ingredients and prep to keep things simple, or have make ahead meal prep tips in the notes.

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