Onion Festival Dip Mix

My husband and I host a Super Bowl party every year and chips and dips are always in abundance. This crowd favorite onion dip mix has a variety of textures and depth of flavor. It is also one of my favorite spice blends for oven roasted vegetables and potatoes.

Onion Festival Dip Mix

Recipe by creativepantryCourse: Spice BlendCuisine: American

The chopped onion and chives are included in different textures utilizing a spice grinder.


  • 150 grams Onion, granulated

  • 75 grams Onion, chopped – hand crushed to slightly smaller pieces

  • 60 grams Onion, chopped – pulsed 5x in grinder

  • 15 grams Chives, dried

  • 15 grams Chives, dried – pulsed 10x in grinder

  • 15 grams Chives, dried – pulsed to powder in grinder

  • 44 grams Garlic, granulated

  • 50 grams Fine Grain Sea Salt

  • 80 grams Red Bell Pepper, flakes – pulsed 10x in grinder

  • 35 grams Allepo Chili Pepper, flakes – pulsed 10x in grinder

  • 20 grams Tomato powder


  • Crush or pulse ingredients as notated and combine all.
  • Store in air tight glass container in cool dark place
  • To make Onion Festival Dip: Combine 3 tablespoons dip mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup mayo. Chill for at least one hour prior to serving.


  • Dip mix is also great tossed with chopped potatoes and olive oil and oven roasted until potatoes are tender for a great side dish.

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